Welcome to Orange Blossom Publishing!

…where we publish books as fun to read as they were to write!

Here at Orange Blossom Publishing, we publish books edited and published to the highest standards. We might be a small publishing house, but our books are mighty. Our books win awards. Our books go toe-to-toe with the best the big boys have to offer. And, while our raison d’etre is autobiography/memoir/real-life adventure, that’s not to say we won’t dip our toes into better fiction, poetry, and a smattering of how-to books from time to time.

Our watchword is simple: trust. Our authors trust us because they know their books will be edited using modern American English punctuation and grammar best practices, which means that not only are our I’s dotted and our T’s are crossed, we are careful and collaborative about content as well: our editorial staff makes sure that each manuscript is the best it can be. In turn, the people who read the books published by Orange Blossom Publishing know that they can trust us to produce books that are a “good read”: always interesting, always accurate, informative, inspirational, and motivational.

At Orange Blossom Publishing, we truly publish books as fun to read as they were to write!

If you are an author, please read our Author Page for more information.